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Здраво, MarcoAurelio, и добре дојде на Викиречник! Благодарам за Вашите придонеси. Се надевам дека Ви се допадна проектов и дека одлучивте да останете. Еве неколку страници кои можеби ќе Ви се најдат како корисни:
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Се надевам дека ќе уживате во уредувањето овде и во тоа што сте Корисник!
Ве молам потпишувајте ги Вашите пораки на страниците за разговор со внесување на четири тилди (~~~~); ова автоматски ќе го внесе Вашето корисничко име и датумот. Ако Ви треба помош, видете ја страницата Викиречник:Прашања, прашајте ме мене на мојата страница за разговор, или поставете го прашањето на оваа страница, а потоа ставете {{помош}} пред прашањето. Уште еднаш, добре дојде!

Don't speak Macedonian?

--D enis 17:22, 20 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори

Bot, Userscript and Lua[уреди]

Hello Marco, have you any ideas what sort of a bot should I need to replace some old sections with some other, as a part of the new model? -- D enis 20:36, 17 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори

Hi Denis. You can try with w:en:WP:AutoWikiBrowser which is a semi-automatic mass edition tool. Otherwise you can have a look at mw:PWB and try to run a pywikibot. If the job is easy I might be able to help (no promise though, I'm just a basic pywiki/awb bot operator for basic maintenance tasks). Let me know if you have more questions or I can help you with anything else. Best regards, --MarcoAurelio (разговор) 20:48, 17 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори
There 4k articles that shall needing a new model. I just don't want to do that by hand. Also I'm not familiar with the pywikibot or the python. I need some help to fix some UserScripts or Lua. Are you familiar with those? -- D enis 21:07, 17 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори
I'm not very familiar with neither of those I'm afraid, sorry :(
With regards to the model, do you mean a new template? If it's changing one for another, that might be easy to do.
Best regards, MarcoAurelio (разговор) 21:52, 17 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори
Marco, is there an community on WikiMedia that can help me? By a new model, I mean new look (something like this). But I need to find out why the translation template doesn't work normally. Best regards, -- D enis 21:59, 17 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори
Ah, that's more complicated than I anticipated. While I'm not sure, en:Wiktionary:Grease pit might be a good place to start looking for assistance? They're an experienced community. Regards, --MarcoAurelio (разговор) 22:07, 17 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори
Yes it is. I already try this, but they didn't want to help. So maybe I can try on Wikipedia:User scripts. -- D enis 22:17, 17 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори
I'm sad to hear they didn't wanted to help. I hope that you can find more cooperative people on Wikipedia. Best, MarcoAurelio (разговор) 15:45, 18 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори
Yeah, they just don't wanna share this particular information. -- D enis 12:43, 19 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори

Interwiki links[уреди]

Hello Marco, if I'm not wrong we have here an list of interwiki links to only some of the Wiktionaries. We do not have interwiki links to Latin and Dutch for example. Have you any idea where do I need to change that? Best regard, -- D enis 18:00, 21 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори

Hello Denis. Interlanguage links are usually added by bots. For example Специјална:Придонеси/UT-interwiki-Bot is continuously running and updating interwiki links across the Wiktionaries. It might take a while, but eventually all pages will have their interwiki links updated. Best regards, MarcoAurelio (разговор) 18:06, 21 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори
I was referring to those under the sidebar. We have only 16 links to other Dictionaries. The English Wiktionary for example has an complete list of them all. Regards -- D enis 18:11, 21 јули 2016 (CEST)Одговори