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Hi. Tnx for the help of automatization of this rather lonely Wiktionary. I don't really understand the what really these bots do so I can't vote on the support thing.
I was preparing one web input page in php for the Macedonian Wiktionary (I didn't had much free time so it goes slowly, I am on ~30%) and I wondered does my input page can be made friendly to these bots in some way? If you have some advices for me feel free to write here. (Toci 22:58, 27 јуни 2008 (UTC))

These bots just put 'interwiki' links in all Wiktionary entries that are written exact the same. example. The bots add the link not only here but also in all other languages, so there is a link back and all the different languages are conntected.
If You are interested in creating pages from offline texts You are preparing, m:pagefromfile.py is what You might want, it is quite a lot of work to prepare such, the page on meta explains it quite well, if You have any questions, You can contact me, best regards, --птица (:> )=| 01:38, 28 јуни 2008 (UTC)

Important: maintenance operation on September 1st[уреди]

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